Ashish Saraf

The Industrialist

A qualified B.E. and a graduate from Harvard Business School in Owner President Management programme, he has been associated with the acclaimed FACOR group for over 15 years having specialization in field of Industrial & Production Engineering. He is currently the Joint Managing Director of this group.

The Diplomat

Mr.Ashish Saraf was appointed as First Honorary Consul of the Republic of Maldives in India in October 2003.

The Philanthropist

Mr.Ashish Saraf is actively involved in a number of prominent NGO's and NPO's which are tirelessly working for the upliftment of the under privileged sections of our society. He has a penchant for extending a helping hand to anyone who might need it.


Although anything Ashish has done in the fields he has been associated with, he has done it selflessly without any desire for any recognition. However he has been conferred with several awards and accolades for his service to the community.


First visit of Foreign Minister of Bahamas to India

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